PDL-new roads to foreign languages

Psychodramaturgie Linguistique (PDL) was conceptualised and developed by Bernard Dufeu in 1977, and has been continuously improved since then. Bernard Dufeu teaches French at the University of Mainz, and has been involved in teacher training for 35 years. Essential and practical basics of PDL have been borrowed from Psychodrama and Drama principles and processes, and have been specifically adapted for language training.


Live and experience language

In a PDL course, language and culture are experienced in their entirety. The separations between learning and living, of language and the speaker are removed. You will learn to move confidently in any situation in a foreign country. You will also learn to feel and radiate self-confidence when you use your foreign language. This will happen in an amazingly short time, with measurable, and above all, useful success.


Relaxation – movement – action

A wide variety of exercises increases your powers of reception and provides a relaxed, unforced yet intensive atmosphere for learning. The continuous change from warm-up exercises, to intermediate exercises and then to main exercises – individually, in pairs or as a group - contributes to the absorption and consolidation of learned material and gives the learner security.


Independent – individual – interactive

In no time at all our specially trained PDL instructors will enable you to discuss your own topics and subject matter and to create your own personal way of expressing yourself. You determine your own pace and retain your own style! Genuine conversations are developed spontaneously and intuitively according to the learners’ interests. Grammar, language structure, vocabulary and writing come alive and develop from concretely applied language and the participants’ individual learning needs.


Sound – Rhythm – Expression

Access to spoken language is gained by everybody including beginners from the first day of a PDL course onwards via specific interdependent processes (e.g. the doubling process, mirroring, sequencing, working with masks, as well as “supercharging” and projection and identification techniques). Particular value is placed on intonation, rhythm and melody, as these elements quickly provide a high degree of familiarity with the new language. Within a very short period of time the feeling of strangeness associated with a foreign language vanishes…


Learning means being in motion

PDL is an innovative method of teaching and learning languages. Each person is placed at the centre of language acquisition as an individual and is seen as the central figure in a journey of discovery that is rich in adventure. Learning with PDL is extraordinarily effective and allows you to reach your linguistic target very quickly – it not only makes  foreign languages accessible, it also unlocks the basic skills and talents essential for rapid headway in learning. With PDL your abilities to express yourself, to listen and to empathise, to react flexibly and spontaneously, to concentrate and to be receptive are developed, as are your powers of intuition and observation. You can learn a foreign language and simultaneously develop your speech ability!

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